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All courses are run by staff from the partnership organisations and are developed and delivered by professionals, many of whom will have lived experience of mental or physical illness, and/or experience of supporting someone with a mental or physical illness

Some courses may have been co-produced with experts by experience and some courses may have experts by experience co-facilitating the training.

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Collage With Me - Enhance your Mood & Mental Well-being (Beginners)

  • Type Wellbeing & Lifestyle
  • Venue Online
  • Start 29 Jul 2022 11:00
  • End 02 Sep 2022 12:30
  • Email mmccarthy@wea.org.uk
  • Phone 07789480851
  • Places 16


Course Overview: Collage is a craft, some even call it an art form, that can be done by absolutely anyone with minimal supplies. All you need is glue and a selection of newspapers, books, or magazines. Collage is a way of creating something unique and beautiful, it calms your mind, focuses your attention and relaxes you. There is no stress involved -  find an image, a quote, piece of text that appeals to you and rip it out and glue it elsewhere. Add paint if you wish, use stamps if you have them, felt pens or pencil crayons - anything goes. The collage you create is yours and can represent anything you want it to.

Course Duration: 6 weekly sessions lasting 1.5 hours

Course Benefits: Use what you have around you to create a beautiful collage that is calming and emotive for you.

Course Equipment: Please save a couple of cereal boxes as these make great bases for collages and they are bigger and stronger than paper. Collage can be made up from anything - patterned paper pads, old book pages, maps, calendars, magazine pages, wrapping paper, napkins, straws, stickers, fabric and ribbon.

Course Eligibility: Anyone over the age of 19 living in Herefordshire or Worcestershire, who has not accessed a WEA course before.

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