You can register for courses/ workshops by completing the simple form below. 

If you want to speak to us before you do this, please email:  and someone will call you within 3 working days. 

Next Steps:

After completing the registration form, we will then email you your welcome pack explaining exactly what happens next along with our charter - our guide to making sure everyone feels safe and included, frequently asked questions and useful contacts.

We will then connect you to the organisation(s) whose courses/workshops you wish to attend, they will be sent a copy of your registration form and will make contact with you as they may want to take more specific information from you in order to make sure that the course/workshop is appropriate for you and to make it as meaningful as possible​​​​. They may do this online, by telephone or a mixture of both.

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*This is a mandatory field. Data protection: I agree that the information I have provided will be used to help achieve my aims and goals whilst enrolled at the Wellbeing and Recovery College. All records treated in strict confidence, kept in a secure environment and only accessed by appropriate staff. We do not share this information with any other individuals or organisations involved in the Wellbeing and Recovery College. You may request any information that we hold on you at any time.
*This is a mandatory field. We would like to contact you twelve weeks after the last course you attended to find out how our courses/workshops have contributed to your recovery journey. Please tick the box if you are happy for us to contact you in due course.

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